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>> national stands, the wait is over. in the >> what a time to be a national stamp. qualified for the playoffs for the first time in years. brianne carter is live in e some folksrk, wher there.bably like a lot of people celebrating. president obama making a campaign stop in virginia today. this comes as controversy one person posted on clint eastwood's speech.e t us in the u.s. will to wait a few more hours for the release of the iphone 5. "good morning washington" at
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5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. we have made it to friday. morning, washington. is september 21. i'm kendis gibson. i am pamela brown. let's get a check on the weather jeras.cqui looks like we are in store for a friday. >> you are looking at the best of thethe week in terms weather. it's going to be absolutely beautiful. be warmeres will today. high temperatures around 80. were hoping it would weekend,ugh the saturdayorms possible afternoon and saturday night. cooldown to end the weekend. skies but now, 60 n national, 53 at dulles, 52 in petersburg. mostly sunny and 65 at 9:00, pleasant and 72 by noon, 79 by 5:00.
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picture-perfect again today. let's look at traffic. >> its picture perfect. then we will get the volume. better on 95 virginia between fredericksburg and route 7 team, upy have wrapped construction in each direction. the lingering volume is starting to ease of. -- up. looks good to and across the street bridge. the construction around the through tysonsy been wrapped up on schedule. 270, not much of a backup. a couple cars making early trip to urbana and hyattstown and it looks good beyond. no problems on the beltway in silver spring. back to you. >> thank you. morning,tory this plansals fans making team the baseball the playoffs for the first time since 1933. >> unbelievable. so much excitement about this.
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playoff tickets going on sale today. brianne carter has reaction to the huge milestone. morning. the lights are still on at nationals park. excitementand continues after last night's big victory. fans, there's a lot cheering to do for the hometown team. >> nationals fans, the wait is over. in the >> for the first time in seven decades, playoff baseball in washington. >> it's great. >> excitement over this team who has already far exceeded expectations has reached a fever with this latest milestone. some longtime fans say it is overwhelming, even bringing one tears. >> i waited 34 years. i have a dog named hondo after
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howard. this is better than anything. >> some fans are snapping up here and season tickets are about to go on sale. >> unbelievable. i am excited. >> not only were their fireworks last night, but in the well. as take on thee will brewers. thetickets go on sale for at 10:00 this morning for a playoff games. live in nationals carter, abc 7 news. excitement. will be lined up for that. another big story, the battle for votes in virginia. president obama will arrive in n, for a campaig >> this comes a day after he made a campaign stop in florida. the president will talk about economy and his plan to help
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middle-class families. first lady michelle obama will baltimore. vice-president joe biden will visit new hampshire. republican nominee mitt romney is also on the road after campaigning in florida yesterday. today he will speak in las vegas. his running mate will visit new orleans. ann romney will campaign in nebraska. a centreville man wants to know thehis protest against president is drawing so much attention. that he was not invoking lynching. he said it was a nod to clint eastwood's speech at the republican convention. becausethat he hung it people were stealing his other signs. but i feel like it is an attack on free speech. it's like a little of nothing and they build it into something. is awarecret service
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and it's under investigation. iswe don't yet know who run the country, but plans are underway for inauguration day. california speaker john boehner and house minority leader nancy hammered away at the nails in the platform that to. be used the president will take his oath monday, january 21. a private ceremony will be held the day before. >> the anticipation finally coming to an end. day-to-day apple fans have been waiting for. >> the company's newest smartphone will hit store shelves this morning. fans have been lining up and be some of the on theo get their hands latest on. phone. these folks in bethesda have been there a little while. spoke with some of them. >> this was the only way to
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getting the first round. >> is there anything else you outside all night for? >> maybe if i could win a million dollars or something. first one was the in line. she had been there from noon yesterday. apple stores in our area open at 8:00 a.m. >> i will never understand that. degrees.old, 50 >> a shaky economy and high gas are forcing some drivers >> a shaky economy and high gas are [ male announcer ]rs citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibanknk.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> good morning. i'm a meteorologist jacqui jeras on this beautiful friday. not be better.ld temperatures will be the best of e week. degrees at reagan national, dulles, 54 in winchester. a live picture at rehoboth beach. temperatures this weekend will be in the 80s today and tomorrow. mostly sunny, 76-81. your weekend looks great. of thunderstorms later , but a few could be. be
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let's go to jamie. things are going well. not much to talk about in traffic. 270 southbound near first, past o delays, continuing down towards the beltway. overnight construction has been cleared. looks ok in bethesda and silver spring. we keep going back and forth on the cameras. take you to virginia, 95 northbound approaching the beltway, a couple cars increasing. construction between route 3 and route 17 has been picked up. 295 in d.c., you can continue northbound past the exit for the 11th street bridge. has back to you. >> thank you. the tough economy is causing some commuters to save cash and time byeen at the same car pulling. the number of workers driving to increased.
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the biggest jump in mass-transit city. in new york >> it helps the environment as well. >> it is 5:11. >> it is going to be a gorgeous day. >> it is going to be a gorgeous day. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> now to the latest on the the anti-parked by muslim film made in the united states. a pakistani television reporter said his driver was killed this morning when police opened fire disperse people protesting the film. president obama says extremists the video as an excuse to assault u.s. interests overseas. secretary of state hillary clinton faced questions from congress about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. that attack killed four americans including the ambassador to libya. republicans have accused the miss leading the protest and failing to see them as a terrorist acts. an actress who appeared in the movie says she will getinue her fight to youtube to remove the trailer. a judge denied cindy lee garcia's request to order the be removed. she says she has received death
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e the collapse appeared on youtube. gs-5 a lawsuit against the filmmaker. the war in afghanistan, u.s. troops surged is over. u.s. officials confirmed the the service forces have left the battlefield and the country. thousands of american troops and in many ways in harm's way. now this story. >> defense secretary leon panetta calls it an important milestone. almost three years since a wave additional u.s. troops went order toistan in taliban, defeat al forces and give afghan suppo need.pport they december 1, 2009, president obama announced the troops surge. as commander, i determined it in our vital national to send an additional . troops to afghanistan. at that time he also
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announced a schedule for their withdrawal, a goal that now has met. troops took part in the troops surge. $10,000 them are out by july of last year. the remaining 23,000 are now gone. the defense secretary had a reminder, saying it is important to underscore that troops return home, roughly 68,000 americans who remain in a tough in afghanistan alongside their nato and afghan partners. war." a nation at of the almost 2000 u.s. in afghanistan, 57% during the troops surged. those who now remain face the hard insurgents and a growing threat of insider tax. deadline to bring the final troops home is still 20 14. >> its friday. it said it might be the nicest
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week. the >> it is. we will end the week at 80 degrees. >> that's nice. we have another cooldown. lot of back-and-forth time of year. that's what will happen in the next seven-day forecast. we are looking at clear skies now, temperatures in the 50's. expedia reagan national, 53 in dulles, 50 in frederick, 52 in culpeper, 54 at bwi and it's a little warmer along the water. high pressure is trying to squeeze off shore. allow for the next to move in.r is what we will be watching weekend as it approaches. chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. pay attention tomorrow for the
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equinox. that is when the sun moves equator so wethe get equal amounts of day and night. hours of sunshine and 12 hours of darkness. not the first day of fall, technically. september, october, and november .s the fall saturdayox occurs morning after 10:00 a.m. 57-. 64 degrees-thunderstorms possible saturday, then cooling to start into low 70's next week. let's check of traffic with jamie. >> good morning. looking for a break. however, there is volume. quiet on 395. delays leading the beltway, streetacross the 14th bridge, a wonderful ride.
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get up and go. crossing the american legion in and out of maryland, in virginia, looks good. looks good over the wilson bridge. theooks good over anacostia. avenue, towards 50, new york avenue, there's an accident on the off-ramp. 270 is quiet. back to you. >> thank you. it should be a a great day for because the iphone 5 hits stores later on this morning. of people already outside the stores. the company apparently took a , however. the iphone 5 goes on sale today. this could be the biggest launchr electronics someomers in nightstores waiting all one.rchase the iphone 5 is easier to use android phones. what really sets the iphone 5 is it is easy to use.
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the iphone 5 is the best for the >> but complaints are pouring in about the new maps application. some towns and airports are mislabeled and some satellite images are scrambled. walmart will stop selling the .indle e-readers and tablets they don't want customers browsing in stores and then amazon.nline from
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nationals fans, the wait is over. your team is in the playoffs. winning 4-1 nals over the dodgers last night. ande will have much more park action with brianne carter at 5:30. something happening in s weekend.hi let the redskins are celebrating their home opener. they are welcoming cincinnati. how do the redskins plan on stopping anyone after losing ?rakpo and adam charac our job is to move the ball.
5:26 am
>> the redskins are favored by 3.5 points. kickoff is sunday at 1:00 p.m. >> the carolina team playing host to the giants. back,brown, the running 113 yards. eli manning got 88 yards and a touchdown. the giants defeated carolina 36- 7. >> that hurts. >> at 5:26, it is 58 degrees. these are live pictures from new york. waiting for the iphone to be released. have a look at what all
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iphone to be released. have a[ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded.
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are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i waited 34 years. named after frank howard. better than >> tears of joy from a longtime stand.l he and many others are teamrating after the spot for theayoff time since 1933. so much excitement about that this morning. i think fans are still celebrating this morning. it's friday, september 21. pamela brown. >> i am kendis gibson.
5:31 am
and steve are off today. now to jacqui jeras in the center. >> people celebrating in the streets on my way to work. it is beautiful, still nice conditions this morning. 60 degrees right now at reagan national. you probably still need a jacket this morning. we will warm up today. i think this is the best day of week. 65 and mostly sunny at 9:00, 72 pleasant at noon, 79 by 5:00. we will top out at 80 degrees this afternoon. big changes are in the forecast. first let's a check on traffic and weather jamie. >> looks good on 66. looks good out of gainesville fairp to speed through
5:32 am
oaks and to the beltway. in falls church and arlington, to say. on the greenway and the tolls road, the same story. of leesburg and route 7 and tysons, looking fine. on the rails, marc trains, metro rail, the army, running on time vre all running on time. back to you. >> thank you. our big story, something local baseball fans have waited for s, enough to make a grown man cry. time in 79 years the nationals are headed to the playoffs. of fans will be ticketsg up a playoff that go on sale this morning. brianne carter is live at nationals park with reaction. i imagine you can feel the energy. >> absolutely. energy and excitement does not it.n to explain
5:33 am
the lights are still on at nationals park. cleaning up from playoffs party that happened last night. fireworks in the sky and in the stands. the fans have been waiting for decades for this to happen. been 79 years since a l team has basebal made it to the playoffs. is the first playoff berth the washington nationals, playersg these fans and have been waiting for. this has been a team that has us game after game. the excitement has been building throughout the season. we spoke with some fans about what this means. >> i've been waiting for this 2005. >> the first playoffs, and believable. it is unbelievable. the tickets go on sale for public at 10:00 this morning. you'll have to get them either
5:34 am
online or over the phone. it is an four-ticket limit per person. don't come to the box office for that. that for the regular games. they will play the brewers tonight at 7:00. brianne carter reporting. >> thanks so much. something else people in our - theare excited about - release of the iphone 5. is a live picture in bethesda this morning. people were camped out outside. been growing ahead of the release this morning. some of them were there as early as noon yesterday. 2 million orders in the first 24 .ours now more from ed paine. >> hundreds of eager customers lined up outside the apple store in tokyo. employees handed out umbrellas to the customers. n event. andeople camping outside
5:35 am
other. to each just enjoying the party. >> in sydney, australia, out.mers camped todd claims to be the first e world to buy the iphone 5. an australian network caught up .ith him >> 70 hours. >> in london, a passer-by offered a seat in line to raise money for cancer research. the iphone 5 is also being today in the u.s., france, germany, hong d singapore. if further roll out its plans for the end of the month. line? need to step in >> if you are looking for something that will be a gain changer, it may not be this, but and it'ser and lighter better phone the iphone 4s,
5:36 am
significantly. but it may not necessarily be something you need to upgrade to you have an iphone 4s. >> another big story, the race for the white house. president obama will arrive in woodbridge, virginia for a campaign stop this morning. >> he made a campaign stop in another swing state on wednesday, florida. the president will talk about economy in woodbrige and his help middle-class families for. first lady michelle obama will campaign in baltimore. the vice-president will be in new hampshire. republican presidential nominee romney is on the road after campaigning in florida. speak in las vegas today. running mate will visit new orleans. ann romney will campaign in nebraska. >> robin roberts is recovering her bone marrow transplant. was to treat a rare blood disorder. some friends from the show even visited her after the surgery. it will be quite a while before she regains her strength.
5:37 am
gma we will get meteorologist sam champion when he discusses his his colleague at the hospital. it is 5:37, 58 degrees. >> still ahead on this friday,
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time katy in bethesda. we are getting ready for saturday, october 6, the taste of bethesda. join us for a slice of heaven. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning on this beautiful friday, the best it is 60 at reagan national, 50s across much of the west. we will warm up. beautiful picture from rehoboth this the weekend is shaping up pretty , mostly sunny, 76-81 today. thunderstorms late on saturday. then a cooldown by sunday. that the latest. now let's check on traffic. >> thank you so much. pretty much uneventful to start this rush-hour. the early birds trying to get a
5:41 am
good start. slowdown out of urbana and hyattstown. a little volume early on and every weekday morning and then in clarksburg to the beltway it is still in good shape. the beltway through silver g 193 commenters avenue, lanes are open. delays. out of college park and landover carrollton looking good. growing.e 905, volume and growing at the beltway. >> track work could lead to for metro riders this weekend. no red line service between grosvenor and friendship heights stations from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. free shuttle buses will be available. orange line trains single- between east falls and betweenallston stadium-armory and cheverly. we have the information on our
5:42 am >> still pretty early in the morning. degrees on this friday. , the rev. al sharpton is coming to the district.
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coming up at 6:00, the deadlygation into the the u.s. embassy in libya, that country's prime suggested was not random. crack's a pesky weeds in your be the key to job creation. >> beer could be your lifeline of a nuclear disaster. at 6:00.hat >> you will want to watch katie. episode of >> she will explore the world of children and contact sports. questions parents should be
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to protectt how children on the plainfield. and today show will tackle food addictions and how victims can on the road to recovery. by on abc 7 at 4:00. and then on abc 7 news at 5:00, hope for some people with severe food allergies. new research shows a severe egg might be cured by eggs. and even a peanut allergies could been cleared up in the same manner. the study results, the researchers, and a little boy can now safely it eggs, this evening. new birth control teenagers.ions for a leading group says doctors t to be using hormonal of thes or iud's instead
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pill.control >> a man is facing charges after feud with two police officers in southeast .ashington marcellus williams is stablelized in condition, recovering from he sustained in the shootout. charged with assaulting a police officer. of the officers were injured. they are on routine administrative leave. -- n who shot and killed d in a robbery attempt was at one. connected with the murder of a loved school principal. johnson was recently released from prison after to being anlty the death of brian shaw, a principal at middle school. johnson and another man forced into an apartment in southeast and he was killed. >> what comes around goes around. a i feel he got what he deserved. erik johnson received the
5:48 am
four in sentence of the .he death of brian betts >> gay marriage supporters in maryland are expected to get a t from a prominent african- american ministers. sharpton is one of the to show is expected event at theg an press club today. lawmakers voted earlier this o legalize same-sex opponents forced a referendum in november. as another group of black ministers gets ready to against gay effort marriage >> . news from around the nation. beging statements will corruption trial of detroit mayor quantico patrick. he and three others accused of collecting hundreds of thousands in bribes, kickbacks, and other favors. .kwame kilpatrick >> american airlines passengers about itsng to worry dependability. carrier has beeno
5:49 am
of aling flights because labor dispute. more travel headaches again for passengers amid a r dispute causing delays and of cancellations nationwide. >> it was an hour-and-a-half late. >> executives at the airline believes pilots are calling in filing crews are of maintenance reports to slow down operations an attempt to punish the for imposing cost- cutting measures as part of the bankruptcy. >> went all of a sudden you see t more people calling in more flights being canceled for mechanical reasons, r if somethingonde is going on. pilots deny they are taking against theon despite conducting atformational picketing o'hare airport. scrutiny.d up no safety has been compromised,
5:50 am
but federal monitors are making more checks. the company plans to cut an attempt to and service reliable minimize impact. are leftas passengers in the middle. to shopngar for thanksgiving. they do have a choice. airlines need to get their act together. >> even if american survives bankruptcy, can it survive the ?amaged customer confidence hundreds of people standing lines to they are getting paid to do it. >> and walmart says no thanks to the the ree- >> walmart will not carry amazon products any more beyond its inventory. that means no more kindle e- tablets.nd when wal-mart sells a kindle, e money for mor
5:51 am
competitors. shares of amazon fell on the news. the long lines outside apple be a jobuld opportunity for you. arrangements are being made through web sites where you could wait in line for someone. one woman is a professional line waiter. and she iser pays $55 left with $45. live at bloomberg headquarters york, linda bell reporting. >> or just order online. >> i think it's a pretty good , depending on the weather. -- a pretty good gig. >> let's check on the commute with jamie. i would not wait in that line. to the roads in crofton. there's an accident closing the
5:52 am
3,thbound lanes of rte. 450 annapolis road exit. nobody gets by this crash right now. 0ou will be able to exit on 45 annapolis rd. and join 197 back destination. if you're going northbound, your open. lanes are lanes are open around the beltway in maryland and virginia, no problems. back to you. >> thank you. a lot of people waiting in line this morning. it feels nice out there. >> a beautiful day. they are there because they dates.ave a lot of [all talking at once]
5:53 am
>> id going to be nice, even nice weather for camping. a gorgeous weather will last through the weekend. thunderstorms in the forecast late on saturday. be all day,ng to l be there. pretty comfortable temperatures right now. start, so dress in layers. degrees at reagan national. look at all the 50s across much of the west. that will be for the next couple days for the morning temperatures. is the change we are the satelliteon map. see clouds and thunderstorms scattered. the upper level system will y here toy make its wa bring a chance of thunderstorms. we are on the tail end of this. of the heavy thunderstorms to the north and east. get a little bit of its sneaking into our area. saturday afternoon into the evening. and it will clear away
5:54 am
also the first day equinox,the autumnal directly overs equator and we get equal parts of day and night. 10:49 a.m. saturday. mostly sunny skies today, 76-81. mostly clear skies tonight. we might get a little patchy fog developing, 57-64. thunderstorms late tomorrow. >> thank you so much. 5:54, 56 degrees on this friday. >> clint eastwood is throwing moviegoers and curveball in
5:55 am
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5:57 am
>> lohan's car is seen man and thends a hitting him. this was wednesday in new york. jose rodriguez manage to stay on his feet and walked after her car drove away. he has been hospitalized with a knee injury. arrested as she nightclub. >> a case of irony for a sinner fiona apple. she was arrested wednesday in west texas.
5:58 am
type ofnd a potent marijuana. she was released on the $10,000 andnd. -- bond. johnson will not serve for allegedly headbutting his wife evelyn lozada. police say it happened during an argument last month in florida. johnson struck a deal with prosecutors for probation and extensive anger management counseling in exchange for a guilty plea or no-contest plea. the divorce became official on wednesday. >> it is 6:00 about. clint eastwood is back in a new movie in the box office. .> it is a baseball movie arch campbell has a review of that and other new movies. good morning. triple play weekend includes new movies from clint eastwood
5:59 am
and an oscar contender and a --nning -- dope money andu guns. onto a drugble cartel and things turn perfect in south central. mix of technology, story. and the , buteoretical philosopher all, i am a man. takes a's spiritualists troubled alcoholics under his .ing a puzzling stunner and an oscar contender. >> i am not a poll dancer. >> clint eastwood has a heart of gold. four stars for the end of watch. 3 and 1/2 stars for the master. have a ne

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